How Important Is Responsive Web Design Today?

6 June 2022
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Not that many years ago, most people would access the Internet via a desktop computer. A lot has changed since then, of course, and many people will now get online using smaller laptops, tablets and smartphones instead. If you have a virtual business of any kind, you need to make sure that your website is well thought out and that it renders well on screens of all sizes and shapes. In the industry, this is known as being "responsive," but what exactly does this mean?

Automatic Adjustment

Today, people have a much shorter attention span and will not necessarily take the time to fiddle with your website if you do not pay attention to the presentation. They want to make sure that they can read what you have to say without delay and without needing to scroll too much or "pinch" in order to fit everything into a readable area.

Catering to Screen Size

When you come up with a responsive design, you will ensure that your single website can be automatically adjusted to cater to any screen size. With such a design, you won't need to create entirely different versions of the site for desktop or mobile users.

Remember, users will not take too kindly if they have to work very hard simply to understand what you're trying to say. You must ensure that the layout will automatically change to cater to the screen size and be far more viewable.

Two Sites or One?

Still, some organisations insist on having two separate websites, one for mobile and the other not. It is certainly a potential approach, but imagine how much work you have to put in if you need to update two separate sites each time you add files or make other changes. Also, you'll have to optimise two different sites to make sure that you appear as high up on the search engine rankings as possible. In the worst-case scenario, your two different sites will simply confuse your prospects, who may go somewhere else to spend their money.

Getting the Job Done Right

What does it take to come up with a responsive design? For most people, this will mean handing over the work to an agency. These experts will know how to craft the correct code and will also advise you on how and where to place the content. When you outsource in this way, you are far less likely to make mistakes and can hit the ground running instead. 

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